Now available for Macintosh and Windows

The Bryce Forum Gallery CD ROM

Watchful Eye and U&I Software are pleased to announce the release of The Bryce Forum Gallery CD ROM.

This CD is the most comprehensive compilation of Bryce art and materials ever assembled in one place. The presentation is in HTML format with live links to participating artists galleries and web pages.

Reviews for the Bryce Forum Gallery CD-ROM:
Visit The Bryce Forum Gallery
Select Gallery:
The first year of Select Gallery competition is represented by more than 500 Bryce images from 95 artists from around the world, taken from the archives of the Bryce Forum Gallery. Also featured here are many additional images chosen by the artists themselves. Each artist has their own page and the images are built within an easy to use interface that makes navigation simple.
Possible Places:
Featured in its entirety on the CD is Eric Wenger's 14 minute Bryce movie 'Possible Places', created entirely with Bryce and MetaSynth. Possible Places debuted at Festival MANCA 96 (French côte-d'azur). The visual portion of these worlds were created with his own animation version of Bryce. The music soundtrack was cybernetically generated by components within the Bryce scenes, and the whole idea was made possible by MetaSynth. The Movie is in QuickTime format with full 16 bit digital stereo sound.
Eric Wenger Scene Files:

15 scene files from 'Possible Places'.

13 scene flies from Eric's most recent Bryce work.

28 scene files in all to rip apart and study directly within Bryce!

More than 150MB of textures, scene files, and objects to supercharge your Bryce arsenal.
Additional Bryce animation featured on the CD:

Incarnate / Bill Ellsworth:

A two minute movie from Bryce master Bill Ellsworth in QuickTime format.

Escape C609 (Trailer) / Sam Hayles / UK:

This is the short version of Sam's full length Bryce movie in QuickTime format.

Jean-Pierre Lapointe / Top Secret and Piramide:

Two Bryce movies from Jean-Pierre Lapointe in QuickTime format.

System Requirements:

MacOS 7.1 or later, 12 Mb free RAM, QuickTime, 4X CD-ROM drive, Graphic card supporting Thousands of Colors at 640 x 480 resolution (Millions of Colors recommended); modem, internet browser (recent version Microsoft I.E. or Netscape) and Internet connection.


Microsoft™ Windows® 95 compatible computer system (including 32-bit drivers for graphic cards), Pentium®, 4X CD-ROM drive, 640 - 480 resolution (32-bit True Color recommended), QuickTime, Windows 95 compatible sound card and drivers, modem, internet browser (recent version Microsoft I.E. or Netscape) and Internet connection. Product performs under Windows 98.

Stereo speakers recommended for best sound quality.

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